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Indivdual Tax Forms

1040 EZ

The 1040 EZ form can only be used by taxpayers with a very simple tax situation. It can be used by individuals or married couples filing a single return.
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1040 A

The 1040A ("short form") is a shorter version of the Form 1040 U.S. individual income tax return.
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1040 X

The Amended U.S. Individual Tax Return, commonly known by its number (Form 1040X), is used to make corrections on Form 1040, Form 1040A, and Form 1040EZ tax returns that have been previously filed.
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Business Tax Forms


income tax liability or employment taxes owed for a given tax year. Schedule D of Form 1041 is used specifically to document capital gains and losses.
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A tax document used to report the profits, losses and deductions of a business' partners. Form 1065 is part of the Schedule K-1 document, and is prepared for each individual partner.
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1120 S

A tax document used to report the income, losses and dividends of S corporation shareholders; it is an S corporation's tax return.
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